Be Careful The Universe Works To Give You What You Ask For

Be Careful The Universe Works To Give You What You Ask For

Be careful the universe works to give you what you ask for sounds like a threat or does it sound like a promise? In actuality, the phrase – the universe works -can be either an imminent warning of bad things to come or the assurance of something great just around the bend.

How you perceive, more importantly, how you actualize the expression makes all the difference in the world. And the way you perceive and actualize the expression has an extraordinary impact on the trajectory of your life.

The Alchemist and the Universe Conspiring

Speaking of extraordinary, in a past post, I encouraged you to read The Alchemist. I recommended The Alchemist because I wanted to introduce you to a way of thinking – a philosophical approach which recognizes that the universe works to give you what you ask for. If you followed my suggestion and read this wonderful book, you may even remember reading a similar quote – “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

The universe conspires quote from The Alchemist and my universe works to give you what you ask for quotes are fairly similar with one exception. My quote acknowledges that sometimes the words we use invite actions and events that we really didn’t want.

Power of Words

Be Careful The Universe Works To Give You What You Ask For


We have all heard the quote “as a man (woman) thinketh so is he (she)”. Yet despite our familiarity with the quote from Proverbs, we seldom apply it to our own lives.

We are usually great at telling others to be careful about the words they use because we understand words have power. Yet, rarely are we so conscientious about words when it comes to the things we think and later speak.

Rather than speaking words that only permit the universe to conspire in helping us achieve what we want, we use words that allow the universe to give us what we asked for. Sadly, more than you recognize, what you want and what you ask for are two entirely different things.

We’ll Never Make It

When I was a child, I was introduced to the power of words from of all things a cartoon. Each Saturday morning, as I watched Gulliver’s Travels there was a character named Glum. Glum was one of the Lilliputians.

Glum was always pessimistic or worried. No matter what was going on – there could be nothing but blue skies, sun, palm trees and a calm ocean breeze in Bora Bora – Glum expected dark skies, a snow storm and a wintry deep freeze to be right around the corner.

What I didn’t realize about Glum as a child was that Glum was a portrayal of a real person. Glum was you. Glum was me. Glum is us.

Yes, Glum was a cartoon but Glum depicted how so many of us spend all our time consumed with what went wrong yesterday and anticipating the end of the world tomorrow. Glum rarely if ever focused on the fact that he was alive and able to enjoy the wonderful realities of the present.

What I thought was valid pessimism and worry from Glum back in the day, I now know it for what it really is. Glum suffered from common everyday fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. Glum let F.E.A.R keep him from having the life he really wanted.

There is no doubt in my mind that what Glum truly wished for was for things to go well for Gulliver and the Lilliputians. Yet, Glum could not stop thinking negatively. Glum was all consumed with fear and it showed every Saturday – false evidence appearing real.

Glum, like many of us, was too afraid to admit to the universe that he wanted and needed good things to occur. He also didn’t bother to acknowledge the true evidence which was unmistakably real – each episode he, Gulliver and the other Lilliputians always survived pending doom, overcame enormous challenges and conquered whatever trials and tribulations that surrounded them.

Yet despite the overwhelming amount of true and real evidence depicting the abundance of good fortune on Gulliver and the Lilliputians, Glum managed each Saturday morning to let his thoughts and words work against him. And instead of asking the universe to conspire in helping the Lilliputians, Glum did the opposite. Glum did not ask for what he really wanted from the universe.


Now that I am older and a bit wiser, I understand that Glum was the real reason that Gulliver and the Lilliputians had so much drama every Saturday morning.

Glum’s words made the universe work to give the Lilliputians and Gulliver just what he asked for every Saturday morning – consistent and never ending doom and gloom. The Lilliputians’ and Gulliver’s lives could have been much simpler and abundantly more pleasant if Glum had simply spoken words that permitted the universe to work towards giving him what he really wanted.

Say, Say, Say What You Want: How the Universe Works

Do yourself a favor, stop being the Glum in your life. Pay close attention to the things you think and the words that come out of your mouth? It’s extremely possible that you just might be speaking something to the universe that you really don’t want to happen.

If you are one who routinely thinks about how much you hate your job, you need to know that the universe hears you. And if you are smart you are already in the process of finding new employment. However, if you haven’t started your job search, you might be sorry real soon. Remember the  universe gives you what you ask for which means it doesn’t always wait for you to find a new job before it conspires to remove eight hours of unhappiness from your life.

If you are one who regularly second guesses your talents and ability and doubts the probability to achieve your goals or realize your dreams, you need to know that the universe hears you as well. And if you are smart, you are preparing to drastically change your attitude or you are already developing some new goals and dreams. Like the employee lamenting their job, the universe hears you loud and clear and it will conspire to remove the trials and tribulations of doubt and second guessing from your life as well. There is no need for goals and dreams when your thoughts are consumed with negative and limiting beliefs.

Are you the Glum in your own life? Do you make a habit of causing the universe to work to give you what you ask for or do your thoughts enable the universe to conspire to help you to achieve what you want?

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